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Public Relations & Branding

Integrated Public Relations , Marketing & Media campaigns

Public Relations is an integral part of a puzzle - often a larger integrated marketing communications program. We seek to drive brand value through communications effort of all sorts - our goals are always to achieve marketing executions which are targeted, attention-getting, branded and motivational. From planning to research, digital media to traditional public relations, CHIBA creates integrated marketing campaigns which drive value.

We enable cross-functional programs that create initiatives which are focused on supporting a company's overall growth strategy. From campaign management, strategic planning, digital marketing, and brand management, we utilize the tools which are most effective for your campaign. We are a full service marketing and PR agency

•  Marketing Communications  

•  Product Launch

•  Brand Positioning

•  Creative thoughts

•  Review Existing Products

•  Developing Effective PR Programs

•  Channel Marketing

•  Trade Shows

•  Sponsorship

Media Relations

•  Strategy

•  Media Vehicle

•  Message Development

•  Media Track & Analysis

•  Developing Stories & News-Break

•  Editorial Management

•  Media Material & Training  

Crisis Communication

•  Strategic Planning

•  Building & Managing Reputation

•  Analysis and Repairing Crisis Situation

•  Senior Management Key functions during Crisis


Investor Relations is the term used to describe the ongoing activity of companies communicating with the Investment Community. While the communication that quoted companies undertake is a mix of regulatory and voluntary activities, investor relations is essentially the part of the stock market life that sees companies interacting with existing shareholders, potential investors, analysts and journalists.

Investor relations concern any information about the company that may affect the stock price or earnings of the company. Earnings releases, earnings forecasts, annual and quarterly reports and most press releases , are all part of investor relations and the responsibility of the investor relations department of the company.

The CHIBA team, with its expertise of over two decades in the stock markets and media will take charge in the following activities:

•  Develop and maintain a company investor relations plan

•  Perform a comprehensive competitive analysis, including financial metrics and differentiation

•  Develop and monitors performance metrics for the investor relations function

•  Establish the optimum type and mix of shareholders, and create that mix through a variety of     targeting initiatives

• Monitor operational changes through ongoing contacts with company management, and    develop investor relations messages based on these changes

•  Provides Regulation Fair Disclosure training to all company spokespersons

• Create presentations, press releases, and other communication materials for earnings     releases, industry events, and presentations to analysts, brokers, and investors

•  Manage the investor relations portion of the company web site

•  Monitors analyst reports and summarizes them for senior management

•  Serves as the key point of contact for the investment community

•  Establishes and maintains relationships with stock exchange representatives

• Provide feedback to management regarding the investment community's perception of the    company

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